Frequently Asked Questions


Yes, you can reserve bikes on our website, our email or through our Facebook site.

Yes you can book as you want

If you know the date and time of your ride and have a group of 10 or more you can book ahead.

Delivery and collection is not included in our rental fees as charges may vary based on quantity and location.

Rent a bicycle

We accept mobile-pay or cash, we don’t accept master-card and visa.

No, we don’t take a deposit. However we will deposit some kind of Valid ID card – Driver license or Passport. We expect you to pay for the rental when your picking up your bikes.

A flat tyre is annoying, but unfortunately it happens once in a while. If you should be so unlucky, you will have to swing by our rental at Tagensvej 69, 2200, and we’ll give you another bike right away

Delivery and collection is not included in our rental fees as charges may vary based on quantity and location.


We offer onsite booking and pre-booking options. Visit our warehouse in Copenhagen or book your bike online by filling out the Online Booking form, given at the Online Booking page.

As a traditional business practice, all our customers are required to deposit security for renting bikes Copenhagen. The security is 100% refundable, provided the bike is returned in its best shape. If you are worried about the security, we can assist you in customizing the plan. Get in touch for more information.

You can choose a bike either by visiting our warehouse or online. All our products are available with pictures on the Price Page. You can also rent Christiana bike Copenhagen. Our Copenhagen bike rental child seat service is perfect to accommodate your family needs.

When you fill the booking form, we receive your information and our representatives send you a custom package according to your requirements. Your order is booked once we receive confirmation from you.

Yes, sure! Don’t go too far, though!

The bikes

Yes, all our bikes come with locks and lights, and we’ll give you the key when you pick up the bike.

Since we have a wide selection of bikes, they come with gears from 0 to 21. You can pick and choose as you want.


Yes. Several thousand cyclists bike through the streets of Copenhagen daily, which makes everyone increasingly attentive of cyclists.. Look how other cyclists are riding, and tag along, or you can ask in shop for a short intro.

you can rent a helmet in our rental shop. Its free to rent a helmet, we recommend to use one, but it is not mandatory.

Returns and Refunds

All our bikes are well-maintained and provided in optimal condition. We offer refunds only if the bike is provided to you in bad condition. Refund policy is also applicable if you return the bike prior to the scheduled date.

Visit our Copenhagen warehouse to return the bikes, or get in touch for further information.

It is ideal to schedule the date of returning bike accurately. However, we understand that you may extend or pull out your stay in Copenhagen or need extended Copenhagen city bike rental service. Just let us know, and we will estimate how we can accommodate you!


No! Each bike has its own infrastructure, design, and capacity to cater to your needs. The prices of bikes vary depending on their design, weight, and capability to accommodate your needs.

Yes! All bikes are available with 1-day and 1-week custom packages. Should you need the bike Copenhagen rent for fewer or more days, we will accommodate accordingly

At Copenhagen Bike Rental, we offer lowest market competitive prices. If you compare the bike rent prices, you will be surprised at our lowest prices. However, should you need to lower the bike rent rates any further, we will definitely try our best to accommodate you.